Stream & Riverbank Erosion Protection

 Stream with Flexamat - Bush Presidentail Library

Flexamat® stabilizes stream and riverbanks while maintaining their natural environment.  Native species of riparian vegetation thrive within Flexamat® and wildlife can safely cross Flexamat.

Un-vegetated, Flexamat® has high performance capabilities of 19 ft./sec and 24 psf.  From day one of installation, Flexamat has better performance than compared to 24" rock rip rap.

The low profile of Flexamat® prevents debris or logs from catching the mat and helps keep the waterway open to positive flow.

Often, working within the stream or river may not be possible.  The compact roll design enables Flexamat to be installed from an excavator sitting within the right-of-way.

Steam/Riverbank Project Examples

South Platte River, CO - Ducks Unlimited Project - Flexamat