Shoreline Erosion Protection

Shoreline - Flexamat just installed

Flexamat® was initially developed to stop shoreline erosion.  It permanently stops erosion, while aesthetically conforming to the landscape.  Flexamat® stops erosion caused by waves, as well as erosion caused by the burrowing of nutria or muskrats.  Flexamat® also prevents against erosion caused by fish, such as Tiliapia.  Flexamat enables maintainabily of the shoreline.  Commercial mowers may be used over Flexamat.  There is also the option to let native vegetation grow wild through the Flexamat and not mow it.

Flexamat® enhances safety.  Steep eroded banks make it hazardous to maintain or even walk along the shoreline.  Many municipalities have regulations that ensure minimum slope requirements.  Flexamat helps provide a stable walking surface if using the shoreline as an entry point for canoes or kayaks.

Eroding sediment from shorelines is a major source of pollution.  The eroded sediment has many negative impacts with natural ecosystems, such as making the water shallow, which can lead to artificially warmer water temperatures.  Flexamat® re-enforces natural vegetation and locks the shoreline permanently in place.

Shoreline Erosion Protection Handout/Technical Information

Palms of Cortez FL - Before & After Flexamat