Landfill Erosion Prevention

Flexamat - Landfill

Flexamat® is the solution to a common landfill drainage problem - erosion!

Flexamat® is used to armor landfill letdowns, roadside ditches, and spillways from erosion.  Flexamat® can be driven across with vehicles where access roads intersect letdown channels.  The matting can be maintained with mowing equipment.

Flexamat® - alternative to:

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is often not a permanent solution.  Many times, rock moves downslope after rain events.  The construction of rip rap channels is time consuming. Compared to Flexamat preparation, more excavation is needed for a rock channel.  (Flexamat® has a profile height of 2.25" where Rip Rap installation typically requires a minimum of 18" of excavation for placement of rock.)  Steep slopes are common on landfill sites and transporting rock one excavator bucket at a time is inefficient.  With Flexamat®, up to 800 square feet of material is package in a single roll.  This equates to a much more efficient installation process.  


Failed Gabion Mattress

Gabion Mattress

Gabions are very labor intensive to install making them more costly than Flexamat®.  None of the benefits of vegetation are possible.  Often, erosion will take place around and underneath the gabion mattress and they fail.  These channels cannot be driven across.  Mowing maintenance is difficult with these systems.  Great care needs to be taken not to catch the wire in the mowing equipment.


Failed Concrete Gutter

Poured Concrete Channels

Poured concrete lined channels are also more expensive than Flexamat®.  These rigid concrete slabs will crack with the landfill settling and freeze/thaw cycles. There is also difficulty to access the channels during construction for concrete trucks.  Additionally, storm water increases it's velocity while moving through concrete lined flumes. 


Vegetated Flexamat Letdown


Installing HDPE pipe increases the water's velocity similar to a concrete flume. There are none of the benefits of vegetation. The pipe is also difficult to maneuver around for access roads while Flexamat® may be driven on. HDPE is expensive and there aren't any advantages to using it.



Flexamat® can be manufactured at the landfill to reduce material freight. Many times, this makes the best priced option being less expensive than rock riprap, gabions, poured concrete, and other permanent erosion control options.


Landfill Trifold