Inlet & Outlet Erosion Protection

Flexmat - Tallahassee FL

Flexamat® solution for Inlet & Outlet Erosion Protection

Flexamat® is the best solution for inlet and outlet protection at storm water pipes.

Flexamat® Replaces Rock Rip Rap - Advantages Include:

  • Maintainable - will not damage commercial mowers.
  • Safe for pedestrians and wildlife to walk across.
  • Blocks cannot be dislodged or thrown like stone.
  • Easier litter cleanup.
  • ATV can safely drive across.

Flexamat® Replaces Poured Concrete Lined Channels - Advantages Include:

  • Will not crack with freezing and thawing cycles - longer life span.
  • Pollutants entering concrete channel go directly into natural waterways, vegetated channels will naturally cleanse pollutants.
  • Less expensive - reduced time, labor, and equipment.
  • No ponding water that promotes mosquitos or algae formation causing a slick surface.
  • Eliminates a potential surface for graffiti.

Inlet/Outlet Trifold


 Failing Rip Rap - 3 Years After Flexamat Installation