Energy Erosion Protection

 Solar Park - erosion control with Flexamat

  • Oil and Gas Pads

  • Pipeline Protection

  • Nuclear Facilities

  • Solar Fields

  • Electrical Power Facilities

Within the energy industry, Flexamat is the solution for a wide range of issues caused by erosion.  At solar sites, Flexamat provides locked in place protection for drainage around solar panels. At oil and gas drilling pad sites, Flexamat is used for armoring perimeter ditches, letdown structures, spillways, and as perimeter runoff dissipation. Pipelines are susceptible to exposure caused by erosion. Flexamat is utilized as a permanent armor providing erosion protection for high pressure pipelines. At all of these sites, long term protection is necessary to protect these vital structures.

Flexamat is an environmentally friendly solution. Wildlife can safely cross Flexamat. Native vegetation thrives within Flexamat and the material conforms to the natural landscape.

In a financially conscious industry, Flexamat provides a cost effective solution. Many of these sites are in remote locations where shipping large quantities of material is difficult. A single truck can ship 4800 square feet of Flexamat. This is a significant savings for sites off rural roads. Construction and maintenance crews of energy companies are easily and effectively able to install Flexamat.

Energy Trifold

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