Canal Erosion Protection

 USACE Long Beach - Flexamat just installed

Flexamat® is the solution for protecting canals from erosion, caused both by wave impact and also by the burrowing of animals such as nutria and muskrats.  Canals are essential for storm water management, especially in hurricane prone areas.  Flexamat® permanently armors these canal banks so that they can convey the water volume that they are designed to carry to prevent flooding.

Vegetation grows through the system, providing an environmentally friendly solution that wildlife can safely walk across.

Flexamat® is fast and simple to install with the material being packaged in rolls.  The rolls are manufactured to site specific lengths. A small crew can install thousands of feet in a single day.  The compact rolls also equate to smaller staging areas.  Many of our canal installations in the Southeast portion of the United States pass through residential areas where access is constricted.  Flexamat® rolls make working in these areas much easier than compared to other systems.

This video is of a bank stabilization project in Cincinnati, Ohio. Flexamat® was installed 16' wide along each bank. This repair work fell under Nationwide Permit 13 with the USACE.
This video shows a section of canal armored with Flexamat® is adjacent to a boat launch. Prior to the repair installation, waves eroded the sand banks. Now armored with Flexamat®, the sand banks withstand the wake created by the boat traffic without eroding.