Flexamat Installation Guidelines

Flexamat® is shipped on flatbeds. Approximately 4600 square feet can be hauled on each truck. When possible, spot the rolls to improve efficiency.

Flexamat loaded on flatbed truckSpotting Flexamat rolls


An excavator is the best machine to lift and install Flexamat® rolls. Backhoes can be used as well but an excavator is more efficient and performs better.

Lifting Flexamat rollCarrying Flexamat roll


Often it works well for a large excavator to lift and set the Flexamat® rolls in place. Then, use a small excavator to work in the channel to unroll the roll. A smooth bucket on the excavator works the best. If a "toothed" bucket is the only option, care must be taken not to gouge the material.

Carrying Flexamat rollUnrolling Flexamat roll


The next set of pictures show each step of a stream bank stabilization project.

Widening bank for Flexamat installationFinishing up bank widening

Carrying Flexamat rolls into placeUnrolling Flexamat along bank

Flexamat installedHard rain after Flexamat installation

Flexamat after installation allowing grass to growCloseup of grass growing in between Flexamat